Quadcopters are the Ultimate Technology Toy

While radio controlled helicopters and planes have been around for decades, the learning curve has always been fairly steep.  It only takes one crash to ruin a $500 helicopter.  Add to that the fact that they are inherently unstable, and you get only a few dedicated enthusiasts willing to learn the skills necessary to enjoy them.

Along Came the Quadcopter

best quadcopter with cameraQuadcopters and other forms of multi-rotor aircraft have been around for a few years now.  The biggest advantage they hold over their single rotor brethren is that they are incredibly stable.

The best quadcopter with camera will come equipped with on-board computer systems that help keep them balanced and stable, even in fairly windy conditions.  These systems essentially balance the power that is distributed to each of the four motors that power the rotors.

What does this mean exactly?  First and foremost it means that even a newbie can fly one of these things with no problem.  Without having to worry about a tail rotor and balancing the main rotor, hobbyists can focus on the fun of flying.

And fun is an accurate word for these guys.  Since they are equipped with four engines they’re not lacking for power.  This means they can climb fast and have phenomenal ground-speed.

The Quadcopter with Camera

The best feature of all though has to be the on-board camera.  Models such as the DJI Phantom 2 Vision have a FPV (first person view) capability that is truly amazing.  You simply download an app onto your iPhone or Droid and then you’re able to see through the camera in HD and real time.

The quality of the video is so good in fact that it is used for professional filming of all sorts.  Realtors use them to film large properties for clients.  Outdoor enthusiasts use them to film rock climbing and sailing.  The possibilities are somewhat limitless.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out The Drone Depot.  They’ve got reviews and information on a wide variety of quads.

Going Hunting with A Quadcopter Drone

quadcopter with air rifleWhile most people think of drones as military grade aircraft, there are a lot of civilian versions available that are great for RC hobbyists.   They are relatively stable.  This makes them good for a wide variety of activities.

Professional photographers and videographers use them to get pictures from locations and angles that would otherwise require the use of a helicopter or airplane.  Realtors use them to film large houses or properties to give their clients a birds eye view of the entire listing.

But did you know that hunters are also using drones?  This can be accomplished is a couple different ways.

Some hunters are using drones as reconnaissance type vehicles.  They send their drone, equipped with cameras up into the air from behind a hill.  Once they are at altitude they are relatively quiet.  They’ll then scour the landscape using a mobile device to see if there is any worthwhile prey in the surrounding area.  This saves them both time and energy as they won’t be stalking through areas that have no game for them to hunt.

An even more interesting option is a drone or quadcopter that is equipped with a gun.  Since the vehicle is relatively stable, it can be used to carry a light weapon capable of bringing down your quarry.  Typically this requires a drone that is somewhat powerful as it will need to be able to lift both a camera for spotting game, and the weapon of your choice for shooting it.  Many times these aircraft will be equipped with air rifles or pellet guns rather than standard powder based weaponry.  This is due in large part to the smaller amount of recoil that occurs from an air based projectile.  The best pellet rifle for this situation is one that can be fired multiple times without human interaction.  Airgun-tec.com has a wide variety of such weapons.  They also have a guide that will help you select the best air rifle to use in special circumstances like these.

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