During a recent race we experienced some difficulties with the Lancer Evolution due to drag produced by the front spoiler.  Our talented metal fabrication tools team is on the case.  Normally we wouldn’t concern ourselves with small details like this.  The problem is that because of damage to the spoiler it was actually causing lift at high speeds.  This is both inconvenient and dangerous.

Annual Sno Drift Rally race

When traveling at high speeds we need the car to be as stable as possible.  The job of the spoilers, both front and back, is to help push the car down onto the road surface.  The faster the car is traveling, the more downward pressure is created.  Drivers come to rely upon this downward pressure to assist in controlling the car during high speed and even some lower speed turns.

Once it’s out of whack it’s very easy to lose control.  Andy thought that this particular part played a large role in the poor finish at the most recent race.  We estimate that the damage was done somewhere around 2 hours into the race.  This means that for over 80% of the race he had to deal with a car that was literally on the edge of control.

We’ll be looking to get back on track in time for the next race at the upcoming Sno Drift Rally.

Written by Charles

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