Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV


This 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV was built for the 2001 US SCCA series and took an overall win on its first event, the 2001 Cherokee Trails International Pro Rally in the hands of Englishman Richard Tuthill. In open class specification with a 2.0 liter turbocharged engine and a 34mm turbo restrictor, it puts out roughly 300hp to all four wheels for its 2700lbs. That weight is acheived with, among other things, perspex side and rear windows and a carbon fiber hood. Besides having a well-built engine, however, the car is mostly standard production Mitsubishi. In particular, the three differentials and the gearbox are directly out of a street car. Musketeer Racing is hoping to put limited-slip front and centre diffentials in the car when their budget allows.

Lada Samara

lada samara

The 1995 1.5 liter fuel-injected Lada Samara puts about 100hp to the front wheels but at about 2100lbs is nimble and forgiving. This car was built by Lada Canada and campaigned as a works entry by the Finnish expatriot Ari Montonen. Together they won the 1995 Production 1750 Canadian Championship. After that season the main car and its sister “spare” car went through many hands but were not rallied again until mid-2000 when Musketeer Racing bought them. Over two years the car gave Musketeer Racing many good results and ran far above its specification on many occasions: at the Maine Forest Rally 2000 it ran times with AWD Talons and Quattros. An excellent training car.

Volvo 164

volvo 164 rally car

The 1963 Volvo 164S was built for historic stage rallies in England where it still resides. Musketeer Racing has used the car on European events since 1999 and, besides needing an overnight gearbox rebuild on the shore of Lago di Garda, this repair was made with simple hand tools and the car has been extremely reliable and quick before and since. The 1.8 liter engine was built by Trus Motorsports in Sweden. Although a relatively heavy saloon, on the passes outside of Monte Carlo the car seems to shed weight and on the backside of the famous Col de Turnini was the only car of 200 to finish within the allotted time in the 1999 Monte Carlo Classic.